Industrial Solutions


SGI’s extensive manufacturing program and vast experience, acquired in over 70 years of speed reducers and couplings design and production, has resulted in a complete product line, with quality and reliability which are worldly known in the most diverse industrial sectors. With products designed and produced to comply with the most strict work environment, SGI is the answer to the power transmission market’s demanding needs.


Daily, thousands of gearboxes testify to the quality and reliability of our products for ore transportation and handling, as for example belt conveyors, bucket wheel drives, stack reclaimers drive and slewing systems, stackers, ship loaders/unloaders, railcar dumpers, mills, among others.


Many years of experience projecting and manufacturing drive systems for the steel industry, complying with the market’s requirements and needs, have resulted in the development of modern products for the power transmission of cranes, mills, extruders, continuous caster, draw bench carriage, roller tables, among others.

Pulp & Paper

For years SGI projects and supplies complete drive systems for the pulp and paper industry. Specific knowledge of power transmission application for pulp preparation equipment, paper mills, reel winders, pumps, dryers, yankee dryers, among others, are part of SGI’s know-how.

Sugar & Alcohol

The capacity to transmit high torques with reduced size, high efficiency, low noise, durability and reliability are SGI’s characteristics for the mills’ central and individual power transmission. Other applications of the sector are for conveyors, feeder tables, sugar dryers/coolers, cane knives and crushers, cane carriers and levelers and power generators are also part of our know-how.


SGI's vast product line allows the selection of the ideal equipment for each application. The cement industry recognizes the reliability and efficiency of SGI’s equipment, that guarantee performance and durability for the kiln drive system, conveyors, hammermills, crushers, mills, among others.


SGI, undoubtedly, makes solutions that move Brazil and the world. The national and global subway market finds in SGI the most important gearbox supplier for trains and metro, counting with the most advanced technology in the production of gearboxes and couplings. Nowadays, over 16 thousand units are in operation.

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