Our Structure

The Operation Management is completely based on the ISO 9001 standards and it is audited yearly and certified by Den Norske Veritas (DNV), which allows us to have a constant monitoring of the performance indicators and continuous improvement.
We are located in an area of about 30.000 square meters and, from the arrival of the raw material to the assembly of the product, all the procedures are accomplished with the latest technology equipment.

The manufacturing secret of any gearbox is in the quality of the housing manufacture and especially on the quality of the teeth parts, the pinions and the gears. We dispend some special attention to these parts, from the purchase of the raw material strictly within the project specifications, to the thermal treatments during production and machinery that guarantees the expected geometry, and all this translates into more product resistance and durability.

During the assembly process, the gearboxes follow a work plan that guarantees another check of all the components. We are careful to assemble gears in shafts without using a press, and using only the contraction and expansion of the parts. Any subset that will spin over 900 RPM goes through a dynamic balancing process that guarantees low levels of vibration.

Our testing area have isolated and aligned stands that bear gearboxes with over 30 tons. This stable, flat and without distortions base ensures and ideal environment to perform operational tests before the delivery to our customers in 100% of the gearboxes sold.

Besides the international standards and certifications, we develop our own quality tests.
All of this guarantees that our gearboxes are the best in their segment. A good example is the WBX gearbox line, winner of the IF Design Awards, one of the most important industrial design prizes of the world.

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